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Wheeler’s Orbits

7 Comments on Wheeler’s Orbits

This page is a place-holder for the upcoming comic Wheeler’s Orbits, by J.S. Rowe, author of Aedre’s Firefly. Wheeler’s Orbits is a space based adventure comedy featuring the impulsive “Captain” Wheeler and his long time down-to earth (so to speak) buddy and first mate (in the space-ship sense) Ikey, and their resolve to get into the “Space Haulage” industry. What could go wrong?

Although Wheeler and Ikey will be appearing here mostly in Black and White, here is an example of them in colour. This is a teaser preview for my page in the “Webcomics: What’s cooking?” Cookbook project, created by TGT media to help “Feed your family; feed the world!”  –all profits going to foodbanks and Unicef in both Canada and the US:

First Three panels of my contribution to the "Webcomics:What's Cooking?" cookbook.
“Webcomics:What’s Cooking?” cookbook page Sneak Peek at the first three of nine panels


Obviously used to cook for the military.

This preview looks astounding, Jande! You’re an amazing artist.

Thank you George! I’m hoping it prints ok. My last set of commissions for print embarrass me, though the person compiling the series of educational books for young people was ecstatic about them. I created them in RGB tiff files (I didn’t have photoshop then) and she converted them to CMYK in Photoshop and every little wrong stroke I’d previously erased got printed somehow. *cringe* But no one seems to notice but me. lol This time I made darned sure it was clean. But I still worry.

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