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Aedre’s Firefly Character Sketch: The Sriika

Aedre’s Firefly Character Sketch: The Sriika published on 12 Comments on Aedre’s Firefly Character Sketch: The Sriika


Aedre’s Firefly Character “The Sriika”

A New Aedre’s Firefly Creature Character

This little guy is definitely in the story. :`D   When he aggros he almost looks human.  ;`) What do you think of him?



This week I took the time to colour this sketch up a bit more. And then I promptly lost  where I put the file. *sigh*  But as you can see I found it again. lol

Coffee Cup Art: Buddha Life

I have another coffee cup for you today too. This one I doodled while I was watching a documentary about Siddhartha. The elephants look silly, but I think he would approve. Remember to click to see the larger image

Other News

One of my colleagues in the webcomic business has started a kickstarter for his book. He’s not asking for the moon. Just enough for a print run.

Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree: A Graphic Novel kickstarter

by Charles Dowd. Check out the video and help support indie comic creators, while getting a non-pink-and-frilly adventure book for little girls. :`D

Thanks for reading Aedre’s Firefly and for your encouraging comments! <3

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