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Graphic Novelists on Patreon? Y/N? (3 – Multiple Media)

Graphic Novelists on Patreon? Y/N? (3 – Multiple Media) published on 3 Comments on Graphic Novelists on Patreon? Y/N? (3 – Multiple Media)


Today’s Friday Patreon Discussion: How do Multiple Media Artists use Patreon?

But first, some questions: How about your Patreon?

If you are now creating or are planning on creating a long form webcomic (#lfwc) of your graphic novel or cartoon series, and are considering or are currently using Patreon, please tell us about it and about your plans for

  1. Support tiers.
  2. Milestone levels.
  3. Exclusive or Inclusive content.
  4. Increasing both readership and Patronage through Patreon

Are you a Multiple Media Artist?

How do Multiple Media Artists use Patreon?

Let’s discuss the challenges inherent in having more than one creative venue. I have my own fingers in many creative pies. Aside from my three-book graphic novel series, Aedre’s Firefly, I have many other venues within which I create.

I create Fine Art (watercolour, oils, acrylics), Book Illustration, Graphic Arts (Greeting Cards, Colouring books, Calendars, and Coffee Cup Art). I use both traditional and digital media every day.

I compose music, write songs, play the guitar, and sing. I’m also the author of a number of science-fantasy novels, still in draft form. I’m compiling a book of my poetry, a book of my short stories, and have numerous essays on a variety of social and philosophical subjects.

One Patreon Account? Or Many?

I ask myself (over and over) “How on earth would one sort out all of this in a single Patreon account?”. It would be nice to have everything in one place, but somehow that seems impractical. On the other hand, it seems just as impractical to consider creating multiple Patreon accounts, say, one for each creative venue… Perhaps one for Art, one for Music, and one for Writings?

It’s Raining Multiple Media!

Another approach would be to create one umbrella Patreon the goals of which celebrate my current endeavours. For instance, my current focus is on Watercolour Art using traditional media (if not traditional techniques), Writings, and creating the Aedre’s Firefly graphic novel. Would there be a way of setting up goals and tiers to accommodate this approach? Have any of you done this, and if so could you link to your Patreon account in the comments below?

Time Lapse Patreons!

Or, one could simply have one Patreon Page at a time, one for the graphic novel, and when that was finished, one for music, and when that was funded, one for Writing. I’m getting old. I may not live that long. And I wouldn’t want to miss out on meeting the people who would be enthusiastic about what I create in the venues that weren’t being currently promoted.

Head Explodes!

And yes, I agree. I am over-thinking this!

Do you have any thoughts? What would your approach be?

Unless further questions arise, this is the final essay on the idea of graphic novelists setting up a Patreon Creator account.

Please feel free to comment on this or the previous two Friday discussions on this subject. You input is entirely welcome.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and keep creating!

 ~ Jande




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