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Aedre+Moira By Chella

Aedre+Moira By Chella published on 20 Comments on Aedre+Moira By Chella


Guest Art: Aedre and Moira

Guest Art by C.A. Morgan for Aedre’s Firefly: Aedre and Moira

I love this truly beautiful digital painting of Aedre with Moira, the mysterious child from beyond the portal from Chella Morgan’s “The Drako Universe Graphic Novel”.

There are some strange coincidences between TDUGN and Aedre’s Firefly. Aside from them apparently being close to the same age, another coincidence is Moira’s full name, Moira d’Aerde. Pretty close, eh? Another is that both stories involve portals between worlds/dimensions. Also, it’s possible that Chella and I may be related somewhere in the distant past through the Morgan side of the family. We are also both musicians and composers (see Chella’s “EXTRAS” pages) as well as writers/artists. I do like strange and wonderful coincidences. :`D

So go and read TDUGN. Chella is doing awesome work and is currently revamping pages and adding to her story. She assures me she will be starting to update again *soon*. Stop by and give this talented lady some comment love.


Shhh! Don’t say the “H” word!

As you may already know, I’m on a break for awhile, but still doing character sketches and working on completing the strips for this chapter which will hopefully be the end of volume one of Aedre’s Firefly.

Once that is done I’ll start updating again, and will release a pdf of volume one. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy here the guest art of other talented comic creators, and visit their sites and read and support their comics, too.

I still need more Guest Art in your own style, featuring your own characters with Aedre or with any other of the characters you’ve met here so far, if anyone can manage it. 1200px wide and a height of your choice. Please keep it family friendly. (talking to you, Bearman) ;`)

Other News

Thanks for reading Aedre’s Firefly and for your encouraging comments! <3

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