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Sketchbook Old Yellers

Sketchbook Old Yellers published on 9 Comments on Sketchbook Old Yellers


From the Sketchbook:

This sketch is from some time in the last decade of the the previous century. ;`) Variations on the theme of yelling. The one on the far right is, you can probably tell, belting out a song.

Comic Press With Easel

Working hard on trying to figure out how to use this new comic interface.  I just can’t get things to work properly. Like how to obfuscate the filenames, etc.  My spam count has gone through the roof since I unknowingly installed Easel. My comic blog template is gone. Some of the older comic blogs are unreadable now.  I want my Comic Press back the way it was. :`(

Progress on the Story

Of course this has totally disrupted my writing. I’m so busy worrying about this that I can’t concentrate on writing right now.  I wish I were less sensitive to this kind of frustration.

I have been able to do a bit of art. I worked on what I hope will become the background of the new Aedre’s Firefly website at some point.


I’m feeling pretty disheartened right now. I had just got  my groove on with the story. But I persevere. That at least is something I’m good at.

I’m working out plans with C.A. Morgan to help me out with the site, when we both have time. She’s a pretty cool lady. I love  her art and her Graphic novel, and what she’s done with some other sites. I’m afraid though that I’m really picky. I hope I don’t drive her nutso.

Another Successsful Kickstarter

Charlie is doing extremely well with his kickstarter for his Lilith Dark comics. If you want to add your support for indie comics featuring bold adventurous little girls check it  out here: Lilith Dark Kickstarter. He’s a sweet guy with an awesome comic and now –it will also be in full colour! Yay!  Congrats, Charlie!

See you next week. Same time; same website –or maybe different.

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