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Nothing is more relaxing than sipping from the very best aromatic organic fair trade coffee in your favourite bakery/cafe —and inking a wraparound art on the coffee cup from which you are drinking!

Coffee Cup Art: “Flood Moon”

Coffee Cup Art: “Flood Moon” published on 12 Comments on Coffee Cup Art: “Flood Moon”


 Flood Moon.

I love doing these cups.  Hey, And no extra charge for the wonderful smell of coffee!  On this one, if you look closely you can see the coffee stains all over it. 


My eyes were really bad the day I made it and I was reaching for the sugar jar at the cafe…  And I knocked the whole thing over –all over the counter! Boy was I embarrassed! I ran over to the sweet young woman at the counter and asked for a cloth, brandishing my empty cup.

” I knocked the whole thing over,” I said. “It’s a mess. Sorry.”

She told me not to worry; they’d clean it up and she took away my cup and refilled it and handed it back to me, smiling. I really wish they had let me help clean up. I dislike having others clean up my messes.   It wasn’t until I was back at the table with Mal that I realised the cup had coffee stains all over it. Hmm…  I was wondering what I was going to draw that day, but as soon as I saw those long drippy stains (already dry from the heat of the refill), I knew it was going to have trees in it.  And the image above shows the cup that came from it.  AUTHENTIC Coffee Cup Art! Made with REAL coffee! ( some of it anyway)  :`D

Also? I love my Copic brush markers!

Have any of you come up with something awesome that started as a disaster, embarrassment, or mistake?

More Aedre’s Firefly stuff on Wednesday as usual.

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