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“Leave Her Alone!” Aedre’s Firefly VII-27

“Leave Her Alone!” Aedre’s Firefly VII-27 published on 19 Comments on “Leave Her Alone!” Aedre’s Firefly VII-27

“Leave Her Alone!”

Aedre’s Firefly Chapt VII: Choices (Part 27)

Looks like someone is obsessed by the idea of finding Aedre and… and what, I wonder? How will Mrs. Gryffin react to Mr. Gryffin’s parting remark. Will Mr. Gryffin temper his… ah… temper… once he cools down enough? Or will every moment of time that passes serve to enrage him further? And what’s happening at the shack in the Gorge? How’s that picnic lunch coming along? How much trouble is that interfering young froggette in? These and many other questionss will be answered as the tale slowly unfolds after a short-ish break.

This will be the last storyline update for awhile. I’m still penciling the next batch of strips and I must admit I’m getting a bit burned out. Summer’s rushing in on me, vacation with the family will happen soon. I have open spots for guest art if you’re interested. Keep it family friendly at 1200px wide (any height). Any fan art or guest art I receive will find its way into the ebook/pdf, and, when it comes time to publish it, into the trade version as well. Thanks for helping out!

Aedre’s Firefly Easter Caption CONTEST WINNER:

We had a low turnout for the Easter Caption Contest, a total of three entries. I guess everyone was pretty busy. (I hope it wasn’t the art that was the problem) I had a hard time deciding between two of them. So I’m going to give prizes to all the entrants. Bearman gets a small collectible art card just for joining in the play, Mal gets an 8×10 sketch of his choice, and George Ford will also get an 8×10 sketch, but of my choice. All will be original art sketches by me. I’ll be in touch when they are ready to mail out to you.

Thanks for playing guys! ♥


Review: graphic novel online  Snow By Night

I think you will enjoy this strange fantasy tale as much as I am. It takes place in a world called Corthis:

“The world of Corthis sits at the center of existence. The sun, moon, stars, and planets all orbit around the world. Natural philosophy, which includes geography, geology, and meteorology, has long held that Corthis is spherical. Geoffrey Hawkins confirmed this theory when he circumnavigated the globe in 1442.”

It weaves together the fates of a couple of rapscallion thieves and a winter spirit who is looking for her heart. And you can almost see how the whole thing is making life more complex for the hapless thieves.

“Life is pretty good for Blaise and Jassart. The pair of thieves makes an easy living in the rich, frontier town of Sherbourg. The fur trade is booming and wealth is there for the picking. And down on Iniquity Row, the saloons and gambling hells provide plenty of opportunity to spend their ill-gotten gains. But when a mysterious rival steals their prizes and robs from their wards, Blaise and Jassart are forced into the unfamiliar role of thief-catchers. How do you find a thief who can slip locks and leaves no traces? Regardless, they must catch the thief. Their gloire and fortunes are on the line.”

There is very much a colonial atmosphere to the story, including some somewhat sinister aspects. There are Guilds. One in particular governs things like how much life-force an alchemist may suck out of any person unlucky enough to badly need the money that is paid for this. (“Blessings” is what the coinage is called there.) The period costumes are delightful. The architecture ranges from interesting to stunning. The relationships are intriguing. So far it seems to be a delightful romp.

The comic is put together by a veritable host of people. So, once you’ve read and commented on the story, check out the creators of Snow By Night.

There is also an Almanac page “…to provide you with the facts, rumors, and cant of this new world .”

This is the first really good long-form webcomic (#lfwc hashtag on twitter) I’ve found in a while. If I had the time I’d go into greater detail.


Once again, a week has simply blown by in what seems like seconds! It’s one of the problems that comes with aging. Mal took Monday off work though. The sun was shining for a few hours. We thought about doing the Jumble. We went to our favourite bakery, had lunch and coffee, and for a couple of hours we both drew stuff. I made three small book mark designs and another collectible art card. Mal came up with a cool creature design!

It was nice to get away from the computers for an afternoon and relax and do art. We never did look for the paper and do the word Jumble©.

Sometimes its an important part of the creative process to simply change pace and venue.  Here’s a pic of what I made:

art card & bookmarks

I also made a collectible Art Card of one of Wheeler’s relatives which I’ll show you at a later date. I’ll be adding colour with copic markers to the pieces shown above.

Other News

My second APC UPC arrived as I was typing this, but I’m pretty tired right now, so I’ll put off adding it to the systems until tomorrow. I’m really pleased with these, especially the software that shuts the system down properly if battery power drops below a certain amount –(an amount that can be set by the user). Fan noise is a bit of a problem, but the whole house is full of fan noise, from the air cleaners to the furnace fan, not to mention all the huge computer fans.

But now I’m broke again and can’t afford to do any kickstarters for quite awhile. I really really wanted to get in on Travis’ Art Book kickstarter though. I love his work and his style.

I guess that’s it for this week. Keep working to realise your dreams and keep creating. ♥

Thanks for reading Aedre’s Firefly and for your encouraging comments! <3
If you enjoy the comic please consider sharing it on the social media of your choice, and letting me know in the comments. Thanks again.


This is a good cliffhanger to leave on before a break. I hope you get to relax and rebuild your buffer. I hear you on the Kickstarter thing. I have cut way back. That’s okay. Creators are still getting their work funded and I don’t need every single thing that comes out. It’s all too much. Anyhoo, relax, feel better, and I’ll see you on Twitter (or you could come to the G+ Dark Side; some good folk there, too). :)

Thanks, Andy!

I really really wanted to get Travis’ Art Book, though, so I’m disappointed about that.

As for coming to the dark side G+, google has already ninja’d me by buying out YouTube. :`P And now they’re trying to force me to use my real name. Noooo! They’re not Evil at all… much. >:`[


Whoa! I gotta agree with Caz. Lew is looking mighty mean in this strip. It doesn’t appear that he’s going to give himself a chance to simmer down, assuming he’s even capable of coming off a boil–so far we haven’t seen any evidence that he is. I have a feeling he’s not heading back to work, and by the sound of it Aedre will be in a bad way if he catches up to her.

This strip has an amazingly gritty feel Jande. As you know, I’m not up on comic history, but to me this piece has a kind of pulp/noir fiction flavor. Full of dark atmosphere and scary implications. It’s really well done and certainly adds to the tension. And like Andy mentions, a great cliffhanger to leave us wanting to see what happens next! 8^)

There was nothing wrong with your Easter artwork. It was great. I just couldn’ think of a caption.
I don’t think Aedre is making a fool of him because someone obviously beat her too it.
Love the story. I would love to say I would send some guest art but right now I am pretty immersed in my jewelry and copper art and I am even behind on my own stuff.
I am discovering that there is a real world (off the internet) that is beckoning me and since I have been feeling better than I have in months I have been answering that call while I can.

Good to know the Easter piece was ok. I guess everyone is just too busy, or like you has rediscovered the real world out there. :`D

Lew definitely has some anger management problems, but then he’s got a lot to be angry about. And it was during a time when Anger was the only acceptable emotion a “real man” could show.

Don’t worry about the guest art. I can always throw up some sketches. Lord knows I have enough of them. I’m just glad you’re feeling well and are out and about enjoying yourself. <3

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