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Aedre’s Firefly VII-14: Shut Up!

Aedre’s Firefly VII-14: Shut Up! published on 23 Comments on Aedre’s Firefly VII-14: Shut Up!

“Shut Up!”

Aedre’s Firefly Chapt VII-14

Don’t you wonder what was said in the principal’s office after the big expose? The Principal himself doesn’t seem too sure of what’s going on either, and he was there.


Review: Girl Genius Online

I just want to say here that if you haven’t had the opportunity to read Girl Genius you are really missing out on not only a fabulous steampunk style epic story with a great heroine, Adventure, humour, weekly cliffhangers, Mad Science, Romance in all its permutations, monstors, clanks and sparks! And the art is drool-worthy fantastic! I’ve taken some time to catch up with the story during my vacation, and *sigh*, it’s so AWEsome! It’s been over a year now since I’ve take the time to see what the professors Foglio have been up to, and now once again I’m eagerly awaiting the next update.

Processrough pencils for "cutifying  the buzzard for Bo Lumpkin

This week I got a piece of guest art made for Bo Lumpkin. Though I attempted to make the buzzard as cute as possible, some things just have “fail” built right into them.  :`D

I am pleased with the final pic though. You’ll be able to view it on Bo’s site one of these days. But for now, here’s the original rough pencil sketch:



Todd’s requested sketch (for winning the Christmas Caption Contest) is also finished.  The sketch was created on 9×12 inch  Strathmore Vellum Bristol in Copic Markers, then coloured using Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils, and inked over that with a Prismacolour brushpen.

I had an accident with Aedre’s hand and no way to fix it. (still have no opaque white). Sorry, Todd.

It’s pretty interesting using those pencils. I really like the vibrancy of the colours. On the left is a small section from the sketch as a teaser. Hope you like it, Todd!

I’m also (slowly) working on  a tattoo design commission, creating it using my iPad vector graphics app. Lots of fun! And as usual, consistently sketching and working on new art challenges.

Next week I start inking the pencilled pages I still have ready for Aedre’s Firefly. The rest of this month is dedicated to editing “Night of Endless Stars“, my first nanowrimo novel.

Other News

I’ll be mailing out your sketch within the next few days, Todd, if we can manage to get to town. The snow is gone for now. But it was a White Christmas and New Year here for awhile.

I’ve been slowly catching up on reading my favourite indy comics online, and also Andy Goldman’s serialised novel “The Only City Left. Great stuff!

Thanks for reading Aedre’s Firefly and for your encouraging comments! <3

My hope for you all is that the new year is treating you well!


1. Now I want to see the hand
2. What program do you use for vector on ipad?

1.Sorry, Bearman. :`) Maybe Todd will share.

2. It’s called Inkpad. and it’s better (ie: easier to use) than anything I’ve ever found for the PC/Mac. Works beautifully on both my old iPad 1 and my new iPad 5.

Did you get an iPad for Christmas, too?

I can’t wait for the Buzzard drawing. I will definitely be posting it..and soon.
It looks like Aedre’s mom and dad might be runnin’ a still at home. Of course if that was the case the principal would probably know. Most of them weren’t as secret as their owners thought.

Love the comic art, Loved Todd’s art and especially loved the Buzzard sketch.

We still had stills in the 60’s in Mississippi. Prohibition lasted until 67 or 68. Wouldn’t bother me if we still had it.

Working at what, I wonder? Obviously it’s not the “family business” since they both appear to have factory jobs. Curiouser and curiouser!

The technique on the speech bubbles is very well done here. The dotted lines for the vehement whisper really works. Great job on these characters overall! They just ooze a kind of small-minded meanness.

Oooh! An enticing bit of work there on the sketch for Todd. *ponders whether he can sneak a peek at the original before it gets mailed off*

Working at what, I wonder?

Well since both parents work full time long hours, I wonder who keeps the house, cooks, etc.?

Thanks, Mal. I was wondering if the grey outline of the whisper could have been thinner. But I wanted to show how sharp her admonition was. As far as the characters go, well… “write what you know”, they say. :`}

Hmm… finally a way to monetize* my work! –offering to show all (ahem) for 20 bucks!

Also I’ve been trying to Monetize my work for decades, but it just refuses to look more like the work of Monet! ;`)

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