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Chapt VI Awakening (Part 38)

Chapt VI Awakening (Part 38) published on 19 Comments on Chapt VI Awakening (Part 38)


Aedre’s Firefly Graphic Novel updates every Wednesday

New Readers: click here to start closer to the beginning of the story… You also might like this well-written precis of the story by Todd McElmurry at the WebComic Alliance’s pick-of-the-week: Aedre’s Firefly.

Only three more updates to the end of this Chapter. Right now I’m leaning heavily toward taking a break and finishing Chapt. VII before resuming updates. But I will still post something here, previews, process, etc. So no worries that I’m going to disappear.


#LFWC this week

is Valkyrie Squadron, by Jules Rivera, which updates like clockwork every Tuesday and Thursday. This is a wonderful sci-fi tale about the very serious business of  keeping evil robots from taking over. As the story begins, the war is already in progress. There’s spaceships, planets, cool technology; did I mention evil robots? The story has everything you could ask for: action, humour, drama, romance, evil robots. (ok. I’ll stop. They might only be misguided robots… It’s a mystery!) :`)

The Story follows a group of four dynamic female high tech high flyers known as the Valkyrie Squadron, starting with their rescue of a slightly weird civilian, the only survivor, from a planet whose population, both military and civilian has been devastated by the robots. It’s when they return to base that things get weird.

Jules has two books for sale among other goodies, in her online store, you can purchase them separately, but she even has a combo pack, which saves you on shipping. Her customer service is generous and impeccable. Her approach to every part of creating comics is thoroughly professional. If you check her about page, you’ll see she’s involved with other comics and also a couple of anthologies, as well as taking part in a few podcasts.

Jules comic is  like the real old-time sci-fi comics I used to read. Her talented use of perspective, colour, and panel placement all help to carefully pace the unfolding of the story.  It’s a well crafted piece and worth your time to read it and relish the art and story in Valkyrie Squadron. Then visit her store. You’ll want to hold these books in your hand, and give them to your sons and daughters to read. (Especially to your daughters.)

Creative Process

This weekend I spent some time refreshing my spirit after a long bout of writing for Aedre’s Firefly, by painting (digitally) a fantasy landscape in Ps CS6. I’ve been playing with creating custom brushes in Photoshop, and decided to try them out, and I must say I’m really pleased with the result. As often happens with a new painting, I discovered some fascinating things that kind of clicked into place for me during the process. This time it was about warm and cool shading, and how to keep the tones balanced.  I wanted this landscape to evoke a story, which I think has been something missing from my previous landscapes. I think I succeeded. I’ll let you be the judge(s) of that.  I’ll be posting this one on my Deviant Art site for sale as a print, as soon as I figure out how to accomplish that on a site where that kind of information seems fairly inexplicably invisible. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to view there.

Other News

Bo Lumpkin is starting a new theme comic over at Gatorhead called Geezerhood (iirc). I’ve made a couple of characters for him to use, but I haven’t been able to get them to him for approval yet, so I hope he emails me with his address soon.

Also, if you haven’t yet started reading @LithicBee’s “The Only City Left”, a serialized novel online, you’re missing a rare treat. And while you’re there, I worked up a Logo for the story from one of his rough pencil sketches. When I get a chance I’ll see if I can turn that into a book cover illustration.  I hear he’s writing well ahead of his updates now. Good thing, too! I’m hooked. :`D

Well, that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading Aedre’s Firefly, and if you can spare the time to comment or join in the discussion, I really appreciate it. <3


D’aw, thanks for the link. :) And yeah, about 2 months ahead right now, should be 2.5 soon.

Re: Aedre: Oooo, I really felt the uncertainty as the camera slowly pulls away but stays focused on her, leading up to that “Sliding Doors” moment when she could (and maybe does? I love alternate realities) go either way. Aedre, I’d probably run away from that guy in the cabin, too!

Great to hear you’re getting on well with the novel. :`)

Thanks for noticing, Andy. Yeah, this one caused me no end of headaches and I believe took me a whole week to finish. Thank heavens for buffers!

Alternate realities are always cool. I’ve had recurring alternate reality dreams since I was a kid, of being an inter-dimensional sleuth chasing criminals through the time-space continuum. :`)

Why would you run away from the shack man? >.>

O.O So, she decided to make a run for it!? I’m not sure what she’s running from–the guy in the shack seemed to treat her pretty well, but, of course, that could be the problem. I suspect she’s not used to being treated with respect and finds it rather suspicious. I think, however, we can make a pretty good guess at what she’s running “to”. Well, we shall see.

What I really, really love about this strip, aside from the general awesomeness of the way it depicts her indecision (7 panels…7! 8^)) and the fantastic camera work (good observation Andy–I couldn’t quite put my finger on that until I read your comment), what I really love is her feet in panel 6. Right up to the last second her feet haven’t decided which way they want to go. Talk about your even split! Hmm… I wonder if her right foot really had it “right”?

Yeah, I think we can assume that people have only been nice to her when they want a piece of her, so it’s going to take more than a morning’s chat to win her over…
As to what she’s running to… I’d love to get your thoughts on that. :`D

As for Panel 6 yeah that was my fave to draw this time around. Like some small part of her really wants to go back.

Thanks, Mal!

As much as I know this is a common reaction and one that anyone would take, I honestly did not see this coming. I figured she’d return to the cabin. However I still have to put myself in Aedre’s shoes, and she’s been mistreated for so long one good conversation is not going to win her over that quickly.

You did a great job showing her indecisiveness. Panel 5 with her split two ways is great. She definitely keeps looking back, so I’m sure she’ll revisit the cabin again one day, cause she’s not ready to just forget about it.

Yeah, Todd. Although I think her leaving the TP in the outhouse was a clue this might happen.

As usual your insightfulness in to this kind of situation is really pretty good.
And one might even say there were 8 panels if one includes the two of Aedre in Panel 5. :`) And not a word balloon in sight!

Thanks, Todd.

What an inspiring way to recreate indecision, Jande, with that fifth panel! And as always, the painterly approach to the art is as wonderful as ever! Thanks for sharing your creative process, it’s so much fun to learn how you do your work!

I left a comment here last week but it must not have posted…like some of them lately. I forgot what I said but I am sure it was profound.

I think I do remember sayin’, “When you are as good as you are at drawin’ you don’t have to use words.”

Aww, Bo! Keep that up and you’ll turn my head. And maybe my neck cramp will go away! ;`D

I check my spam folder regularly. No post from you at all in there all week. Sorry. But i have a question: The problem could be you have more than one WP account and one of them isn’t registered on people’s sites? –or something?

I had a sense she might run off. Aedre’s distrust of people, even when they show her the right kind of attention, would still be a foreign behavior to her. I tend to wonder what trouble she’ll find on the other side of those trees that could lead her back to them?

On a side note…. whats with Bearman and the “aliens”? Is he having another, ya know…. “episode”! [wink]

People like Aedre, who have been through the kinds of things hinted at here, often carry the seeds of trouble along with them.

I’m afraid you’ll have to ask Bearman about that, Scott. I have no clue. Unless it was the Shack Man talking to someone who spoke with a foreign.. uh… tongue ;`D

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