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Aedre Loses It

Aedre Loses It published on 11 Comments on Aedre Loses It

When home is hell, and the school playground is hell, one can’t blame Aedre for blowing her stack when the teacher delivers one last straw … Unfortunately, the teacher does blame her. Next stop, the Principal’s Office.

I’m learning a lot about using photoshop. I’m really happy about those linoleum floor tiles. I’m not happy about the door.  But I’ll fix that later.

Please feel free to comment. I’d like to know what you think and feel about this.


Melzor said: There’s something about Aedre’s chair that bothers me a bit

Only the one chair? lol

If you could be more specific about what’s not right with it, it will be easier to fix it.

Something to do with perspective maybe? Part of the problem I’ve had with Photoshop is with getting stuff into perspective –especially interiors. But I finally figured out how to do it when I laid down the tiled floor. Now I can make an overlay perspective grid for any panel. Too bad decided to make a tiled floor last. :P

I appreciate the input, thanks!


Ow! I wonder why Aedre is tormented so? I feel outraged at the kind of life she is experiencing. It’s painful to see a child going through that kind of thing. So much for childhood being a time of care free happiness. I hope she is able to weather the storm.

Good job on the kids and the teacher looks particularly…imposing. Love the actual *blackboard*. That sure takes me back a few years. You might consider placing some posters on the walls. I remember there were always posters in my grade school. I especially remember one from the cafeteria that showed a picture of a girl drinking from a water fountain with the caption “If you can’t brush, swish and swallow!”. O.o

Great work on a complicated piece Jande!


I’m having trouble finding the words to express my appreciation for your comments.
Thank you all.

Mal: I’m afraid I simply don’t remember anything on the walls at schools I attended. I’m sure they were there, but I have such a horrible memory. I wonder if there is somewhere I could research that. lol

Her chair isn’t quite violent enough… or maybe not peaceful enough. Was she sitting in it before? Or did she arrive to her desk not yet sitting it in, and find something that prompted this? (Also the perspective on the chair is a little odd.) If she got up in a hurry it needs to be more askew. If she hadn’t yet arrived to it, it needs to be in perfect order like the other empty chairs.

It looks tilted towards the table/desk but the front’s too low. So perhaps it looks like the front legs have been cut short.

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