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Jande, Author and Artist for Aedre's Firefly, Wheeler's Orbits, and more.

J.S. “Jande” Rowe is the author and artist (concepts, pencils, inks, lettering, colours–all of it) of Aedre’s Firefly, the graphic novel webcomic about a young girl seeking a way out of a life of abuse at the hands of schoolmates and family, as long as it is a quick and painless one.

She writes fiction –science fiction and fantasy, poetry, and non-fiction in the form of exploratory essays. She composes music –has written and co-written over 100 songs, plays bamboo flute and guitar, paints with analogue materials such a watercolours, acrylics, oils, and ink washes, as well as with digital paints. She is a gamer of both tabletop and computer games. She is an advocate for healthy scepticism, the scientific method, the power of passionate play, self-directed learning/education, perseverance in the face of obstacles, and for independent creators.

Unfortunately in all her endeavours she is handicapped by three major health problems. Thyroid disease, numerous allergies, and Corneal Dystrophy (Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy). Modern medicine helps with the thyroid disease and mitigates somewhat the effects of allergens, but there is little hope for the eyesight which grows less able every year to discern normal levels of contrast. This does not bode well for the ability to continue as a story artist, but still she perseveres because storytelling through drawing and painting is her life’s passion.


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