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Aedre’s Firefly Updates Closed for Renovations

Aedre’s Firefly Updates Closed for Renovations published on 14 Comments on Aedre’s Firefly Updates Closed for Renovations

Aedre's Firefly Updates Closed For Renovations

Sorry folks. I do wish I could give you a timeline for this, but I have no clue.

It took me years to get Comic Press and Word Press to make it easy for me to create updates, and now I can’t get the software to do what I need. Functionality that was integral to Comic Press has been trashed by Comic Easel. It now takes me many hours to upload an image and write the comic blog and have it set up the way I need it set up.  Also file obfuscation, wp to twitter, RSS, etc. are no longer working. Between Word Press, Comic Press, Child Themes, and Easel, this whole site is now a mess of conflicting code files. As a result I’ve lost all confidence in the Comic Press/Easel solution.

I am now looking into using the “Webcomic” theme for Word Press, which was almost my first choice years ago. Chella has already got a mockup of the site on her server and it looks feature rich, clean and sweet as a content delivery system for comics and graphic novels.

This image will remain on the landing page here until we get things in order. I’m hoping to leave things in Chella’s capable hands, but I know she has other clients as well as her own art and music creative projects, so it may be some time before the new site goes live and I start updating the story again.

In the meantime, I’m doing the InkTober Challenge this year with quill dip pens and ink on Bristol and Strathmore 400 Series sketchpads. 31 ink sketches in 31 days. (Check out the hashtag #Inktober on Twitter. Some wonderful art showing there.) The image above was created that way, and reassembled in Photoshop.  I’ve created a picture album for them on my Google Plus page, so if you miss the tweets about them, you can find them there.

I hope you can be patient, and if you can I thank you! <3


Oh sweetie, I’m sorry Cp and CE are giving you issues. You may want to visit Frumphs blog site and forums and put in a note about it. He created a conversion plug in from CP to CE that I used for madbury and it worked fine. … for me. Results may vary.

Thanks for the advice, Scott. Unfortunately, I’ve lost confidence in CP/CE. There are features missing in CE that are important to me that have been removed, but are available in the “Webcomic” Theme. So I’m moving stuff there. It’s in testing mode now.

I’m glad to know that CE worked for you. <3

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