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Aedre’s Firefly Awesome Guest Art by Mark Stokes

Aedre’s Firefly Awesome Guest Art by Mark Stokes published on 19 Comments on Aedre’s Firefly Awesome Guest Art by Mark Stokes


Guest Art by Mark Stokes, author/artist of  Zombie Boy Comics

Aedre’s Firefly Awesome Guest Art by Mark Stokes

You can imagine my delight when I opened up my mail and found this beauty by one of my favourite cartoonists EVAH, Mark Stokes, creator of Zombie Boy comics!  In quite a different style from that of his webcomic and yet still inimitably his, he seems to have married the cuteness with a slight spooky quality. I love the eyes and the reflection therein! 

And now there is a slight puzzle: Why is there an American penny, next to the cute froggy on that lovely teak surface, in a comic about a Canadian girl in her own tiny hometown of Maple, Ontario?  Is Mark’s sketch prophetic in nature? Has he been reading the author’s mind in some way? I guess we’ll have to wait until the penny drops.  :`D

What a delightful piece it is!

Thank you, Mark! ♥

Be sure to visit Mark’s delightful Zombie Boy comic, starring Gorr, the Devil Dog. You’ll be delighted!



Analog Penciling and Visual Impairment

I’ve been spending a lot of time chilling out as much as possible by means of working on non-digital art. My eyes have been really bad lately, but even at the best of times the loss of contrast is a big problem. Less of a problem working in digital media of course, bPencils in red for "The-Magistrate" ut analog art requires that I pencil in a high contrast colour so I can still see it when I ink over it.  Non-repro blue just doesn’t work for me, so I had been using a crimson coloured pencil, scanning that art into the computer then inking on a separate layer in Photoshop.

On the right is a scan of some pencil work created with the crimson art pencil. Fortunately this one is to be inked and painted digitally. No worries about smearing the red and being unable to remove the stain from the Bristol.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me in non-digital/analog. I made a couple of pieces that turned out well, but when I tried to erase the crimson, it wouldn’t erase completely after inking. Red is the colour that provides for me the most contrast in the thumbnail/pencils stages, but where do I find a pencil of that colour that will not smudge while penciling, and will erase properly?

I’ve ordered a set of 6 Derwent Drawing Pencils from Dick Blick art supplies in the hope that they will suffice.The sanguine looks like it may be the closest match.

Though slower than working digitally –even on my beloved Cintiq, drawing and inking by hand is the more satisfying way to go. I never lose a piece of work due to a computer/program crash, and I always have original art to sell. I just wish it were feasible time-wise to do Aedre’s Firefly non-digitally.

Other News

Life the Universe and Everything

Life is full of unexpected life-changing events. Some can bring us great joy or even a little more peace of mind, while others immerse us in hassle, frustration, or even grief. And then there are some that we can do nothing about but sit on the sidelines and watch those we love struggle through events that are beyond their control. Sometimes it can all be totally overwhelming. That’s when it’s really good to know there are people out there rooting for us.  –just sayin’. ♥  Thank you, guys!

Be sure to visit the websites of the people who comment on Aedre’s Firefly. Every one of them is a creative person in their own right, creating awesome art and stories, and music, too.

Diminishing Eyesight

A trip to the eye doctor today has me getting new distance and new reading glasses. Once I get them back and try them out for awhile, I’ll see if I can get my polarised prescription sunglasses upgraded too. Eyesight has gotten worse. I can tell by when I look up at the moon and see five of them overlapped. lol Seems strange when you only have two eyes to see five ghosts of everything.  During the eye exam to determine how the eyeglass lenses should be corrected, nothing was really clear. He told me there was nothing that could be done about the ghosting. It was an artifact of the underlying Corneal Dystrophy. Oh well, back to the drawing board –preferably in very good light.

Allergy Season

On top of everything else the allergy season is going full swing and all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. :`P  –At least my body does. I don’t! I got things to do! Sheesh!

How are you guys holding up against the oncoming tides of life?

Thanks for reading Aedre’s Firefly and for your encouraging comments! <3


First, yeah, I like that frog, smiling eerily up at a worried Aedre. I’d be worried too if a frog was smiling at me like that. Nice one, Mark!

Second, I hope life, the universe, and everything, slows down and lets you and yours relax for a little while. I know it’s not that fun to be on that ride.

Third, we’ve all got a cold here in my house, so I appreciate the desire to sleep sleep sleep. I hope you feel better soon!

Cool pic Mark.

Hope the new glasses help

They may only make the glare easier to see, but I’m hoping they will help some. I’ll get them back in a week’s time. Been trying to ink the original I made for George without my closeups (both prescriptions needed changing). I can only hope it’s working. lol

BTW, I need a snail mail addy to mail your original to you. Unless you want to pick it up in person. ;`D

Ooh! What a brilliant rendition of “the frog”. Nice work Mark! I really like the mysterious, inscrutable expression. It’s really cool the way both you and Jande can cause frogs to have all these interesting expressions, and yet… they’re still frogs. The reflected Aedre in the eyes, now that’s just awesome.

It is, of course, commonly held wisdom that having people rooting for you is a good thing. I can’t help but wonder, though… what happens when they actually find you? And why does there have to be so much mud anyway? Just sayin’. 8^)

Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

Jande, I put that penny in there because random pennies have a special meaning for me. An old friend of mine, veteran Disney/Famous Studios animator Tex Henson, believed that whenever you’d see a penny on the street it was a sign that the angels were watching over you, so whenever we would spot one, he would look up into the sky and say: “Yep, I know you’re up there.” I figured we could all use a little heavenly help, especially Aedre. It was a lot of fun drawing that frog, you’ve infused him with such a wealth of emotion I just knew he had to be my focus.

Best of luck with your life changes. The struggle never ends, but we can still find the joy in there somewhere if we keep our heart open.

Now I feel special twice over: once for the lovely guest strip and once for you sharing your penny with me. :`D <3

My family used to say "Find a penny, pick it up, and allthe day you'll have good luck"

To which I added the lines: "and if you give it to a friend your great good luck will never end!"

I do hope that your own present struggle will lead to something truly wonderful, Mark. You're still young and energetic. :`D “This too shall pass”.

Thanks again for the wonderful froggie (and the penny!)<3

Lovin’ the special guest art!

Jande, best health wishes to you and yours and I hope your new glasses will bring you more delight.
As for me, catching up on your latest posts did just that. ;)

I love the frog.
I hope the eyes improve.
Don’t you just have a real problem with people who say they are bored?
Since I have been feeling better I get all excited about all the things I want to do and then just jump right in and start to work on them. Sometimes I think I might have too much going on (and I know you can relate) but at least I don’t get bored. All is well in life, the Universe and everything…there are still worlds to conquer.

I do too! :`D

The eyes I fear will continue to deteriorate, but I’m doing what I can to stave off full blindness. The new prescription will help me see things a little better.

I totally agree with you around the “I’m bored” thing. People who say they’re bored are usually being affected by something else. Boredom, like depression, is a secondary compound emotion.

I get depressed (anger/grief) when I think I’ll never have enough time to accomplish everything I want to accomplish in this life. I never get bored.

I carry my sketchbook, scraps of Bristol, and Copic pens with me everywhere. I find it hard to watch a movie cause I need my eyes to see what my hands are drawing while I watch the movie. :`D

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