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Kitteh Tough Love #DFCD

Kitteh Tough Love #DFCD published on 16 Comments on Kitteh Tough Love #DFCD


Tough Love, Kitteh Style.

This little silent one-strip story exists outside the main long form webcomic/online graphic novel Aedre’s Firefly. It was created specifically for the third #DFCD (Dialogue Free Comic Day). Of course Aedre wants to be loved so desperately that she’ll almost squeeze the life out of anything that gets too close. Animals, especially strays don’t care for that very much and soon let you know, first by struggling then, if you don’t let go… YOW!

Aedre’s Firefly Graphic Novel updates every Wednesday.
If you’re a new reader click here to start closer to the beginning of the story…



I think you managed to sum up Aedre’s life in one strip.

Ah you noticed. I may post the rest of that mini-story sometime, since it only conveys the part of Aedre that takes it all to heart and personally (as she’s been trained to do). Perhaps you noticed ( through the collage of the earliest pics) that there are times when the self-pity turns to uncontainable rage in her that simply forgets the existence of consequences.

This is such a true strip. I’ve had this happen before, they wait until your guard is down and you’re so close and then – SNAP! Wonderfully expressive, beautifully rendered and colored, Jande!

The ones that know and love you usually don’t break the skin if you show a bit of respect after the first episode. But a stray will often make you bleed to prove the point.

Mark, I so admire your colour sense in your Zomie Boy comic, that hearing that from you makes me go all fan-girl tingly inside. :`D <3

I am with Jynksie. Words are my world and the drawin’ is just dressin’. You are excellent with both. I love the strip. It reinforces that old sayin’, “If you love something let it go, then if it doesn’t return you hunt it down and kill it like a wild animal.” or something like that.
Great job Jande.

Funny you should say that (and it DID make me laugh out loud!), but I was originally going to have her rage come out on the cat and then have her realising what she was doing and feel terrible remorse. But I didn’t have time to do that many panels. o.O

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