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Aedre Drops The Ball

Aedre Drops The Ball published on 5 Comments on Aedre Drops The Ball

comic-2010-04-28-Aedra--drops-the-ball.jpgYes and is she embarrassed. It was a high fly ball coming right out of the sun too.  It could have happened to anyone. But she takes it to heart.

To anyone who saw the previous version that updated at midnight my apologies. Thanks to Mal for pointing out that I had her glove on backwards (lol). It gave me the incentive to revamp the whole image, so that it is more clear that Aedre is being ganged up on.  Always the scapegoat, never the hero. But she keeps trying, bless her.


Poor Aedra! She is really having a tough time of it. She looks so worn out too. Something must be wrong in her life.

Excellent work on the facial expressions Jande! You’ve really captured them well. I also really like the background.

More story please! :p



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