My 2015 Watercolour Calendar Conundrum

My 2015 Watercolour Calendar Conundrum

     I need some help deciding on the image layout for my landscape format (wide) 2015 Watercolour Calendars (11″x17″).

2015 Watercolour Calendar Tall Format SampleI’m happy with the portrait (tall) format calendar (on the right) with the small image at the top and a larger image as the background.

I’m also happy with the basic layout of the landscape-style calendar. But I can’t make up my mind which of the three landscape formats to use for this calendar. So I put them all together in one image (below) to see if I could get some help with this.

What is your preference, and why do you prefer it?

(1) 2 images, one left; one right, with a plain background
(2) 1 image on the left and a space for notes on the right with either a plain or an image background, or
(3) 2 images plus a background image

Landscape Calendar Layout-styles(0) The basic layout is shown with no images added.

(1) The next one has images added to the image boxes and the background is left plain.

(2) The one below that has the right hand image replaced with a “notes” section. Also there is now a background image. But that background could also be left plain as in the second one.

(3) The one below that is like (1) except that the background is also an image.

(Note: The images used here are placeholders only for now, but let me know if you particularly like them and I may use them somewhere in the Calendars. Final images haven’t yet been decided upon.

Also, the dates in the pics on the left are not correct. I just pasted them in to show the typeface. Those are the dates for January 2015.) ;`)

     Please let me know what your thoughts are. I’d really appreciate your input.

Next Steps

     Once the format is decided upon I can move on to figuring out which of this years watercolours to include.

     I’ve asked this on my G+ stream as well, and I may need to create the wide format calendar in more than one style. I love my people to be happy. <3

   So if you can help me out here by letting me know about your own preference, I’d appreciate it very much.


                 ~ Jande